Nero and Vista

I have been using Nero for a long time. I took a gamble and installed Windows Vista. Everything works fine, but I lost the buttons for capturing results from Nero CD/DVD Speed. They are not there!! Anyone else have this little problem?

Which version of Nero? is the only one that really works for me in Vista.

I am using same version. The buttons are not shown for some reason.

There appear to be some things that won’t work in Vista, probably because of restrictions from the UAC or whatever protections are involved. I am not currently running it in Vista, so I can’t confirm your observations myself.

ImageDrive is not available, I can’t get InfoTools to run, logs don’t show DMA status for your drives, and it appears the buttons in CD/DVD speed are missing. I don’t know if they are working on it, or whether it will ever work. You might pass it along to Nero and see what they say.

I just noticed this on the Nero Site–looks like they are starting to protect a part of their anatomy :wink:

Please Note:

  • Windows Vista Certification applies to Nero Burning ROM and Nero Express