Nero and Song Titles



I rip *.wav files with CDex.
I burn them to CD to make compilations with Nero.

I find that when I drag the *.wav files over in Nero that the titles listed in Nero often change to a portion of the title. It A title may be reduced to half of one word.

I have to go to “Properties” for each song to enter the title.
Under “Properties” I find that The actual title has been split.
Part of it is listed under “Artist” and the rest of it is listed as the “Title”.

If I correct the title under “Properties”, It appears correctly in Nero’s file manager view.

Once I burn a CD, the titles are of course “Track 01.cda”, etc.
Someone told me that going to “Properties” of the burned track would reveal the true title. It does not. All info is gone.

Accessing an online DB would have to be done AGAIN for a CD back-up.
That doesn’t help with a compilation.



ah, i know ! also “don’t” will become “don” … and the last track will appear on top as track one. totally retarded. i found NO cure. so now i use recordnow! for all audio CDs.
see this


note also that tracks on audio CDs will always appear as Track 01.cda etc in Windows Explorer as Explorer has no ability to read Cd text from Cds. use isobuster or your CDex [ be offline to be sure that the tracks are being read from the CD not an online DB]


This may sound painfully obvious,but have you checked ‘CD TEXT’ prior to burning your compilation? I get correct artists and titles in my Pioneer car stereo,all the time after using Nero…:slight_smile:


Same thing here, Nero and this used to work fine and I have CD Text checked.

This title, 05_My Head’s In Mississippi.wav, when dragged over to Nero results in a Title of, “s In Mississippi” with an artist of “05_My Head”. I saw another post with a similar thing with MP3 ID Tags and Nero accepted it as a bug.

It breaks stuff at the ’ symbol and sometimes at the “_” symbol which is exactly what it did in the other post about the ID Tags.

I guess I will use PlexTools to burn the songs.