Nero and song order

Which Nero do I use in order to arrange songs in the order I want. It always seems to arrange alphabetically. Please help-I have reached my frustration threshold!! :bow: :bow:

Hey and Welcome to CDFs!

The best way to name them like this:
001 - Evanescence - My Immortal
002 - Evanescence - Farther Away
003 - …
004 - …

That way it will look @ the numbers rather then the name.


Thx it seems to work!!!

drag tracks to any order you like…don’t say it don’t work, cos it does !

with express or start smart? it didn’t work for me !

nor me after many hours of playing with various settings, so in the end gave up and used ROXIO.

Haha, wow.

Drag and drop, my friend, drag and drop.

And last time I checked, SmartStart launched Express.

sorry, i forgot to mention the procedure requires a brain [preferably human] - & the will to use it. before & after below>>>

sorry, i forgot to mention the procedure requires a brain [preferably human] - & the will to use it.

Hey G)-(osters you gave me a good laugh :iagree: :wink:

if you have an album in mp3 and drag the album across it will re arrange the album, (in nero dont know about express) and arrorance will not change that, the pourpose of this forum is to help people and not to slag them off, or insult.

redback 5-actually-being female-i do have a brain. perhaps you’ve spent too many years dropping and dragging yours-blind yet?!
nero is determined to keep songs in alphabetical order. thx silver spirit for being a real man , and thx to everyone else who made Helpful suggestions!

I don’t know if Nero keeps songs in alphabetical order or not because I haven’t tried doing it with Nero but I know with [B] FireBurner [/B] you can arrange your track to what ever order you want to. All you do is drag the songs you want to burn on the CD to FireBurner and then click “Layout” and then move your songs up or down as you want it to be on your CD.

no probs scotmist, and thanks coathi will try fireburner.

I have just installed Nero over a previous Nero. Where the old version of Nero Express would allow me to easily rearrange audio files by drag and dropping, I can’t figure out how to get to do the same… surely there is an answer, I have read the posts here and am discouraged…