Nero and settings for dvd mp3 disc

could anyone tell me which settings to use in nero so that i can burn a dvdmp3 disc that will play on my dvd player…using nero and nec 3500 drive i also have both dvd- and dvdrw+ to hand…many thanks…bob :bow:

Look at this News: -here-

as far as i know,nero can’t do it. reason is:

DVD-Audio or sometimes called DVD-A is a separate format from DVD-Video. It is a format specifically designed to provide the highest possible audio fidelity capable on DVD. DVD-Audio provides for audio in stereo and in multi-channel surround in a wide range of specifications. In addition to audio, a DVD-Audio disk can contain a limited amount of video, which can be used to display text, such as lyrics or notes. DVD-Audio can only be played on DVD Players with DVD-Audio support (most DVD Players do not support this format). DVD-Audio is currently competing with SACD as the new audio defacto standard. DigitalAudioGuide DVD Audio FAQ

This type of disc is created when MP3 audio files are burned on a DVDR/W disc. Very few MP3 capable standalone DVD players supports DVD-MP3 because most players verify DVDR/W as DVD-Video only (compatability list).

upshot is, if you try and create an MP3 audio/music DvD in the same manner as you would create an MP3 audio CD [ by just writing the mp3 files to DvD as data then most standalone dvd players will not play the dvd because of hardware/specification restrications [ the player is “expecting” to find DvD compliant audio files on the dics ]. best option is as above - use audio dvd creator.