Nero and plextor 708A burning speed

peeps, i got weird problem, so i hope someone can help me out.
I will try to keep things short and simple.

Im using nero 6003 to burn data with my plex 708A from harddisk to dvd ( mp3 / movies / zipfiles and so on). I also bought 2 types of dvd media because i wasnt sure wich to buy. ( platium 4 speed and philips 2.4 speed). I So i started to make some backup’s from data on my harddisk (only used the platium dvd’s so far). Then I noticed after the 3rd or 4th dvd that my burner was writing very slow on 8 speed ( i know the media only support 4 speed! but i just selected 8 speed in nero). It took 1 hour 15 minutes to complete to burn session. So i thought this must be because of the media im using, so the next burn sessions i lowered the speed in Nero to 4 speed. Surprisingly it took now 41 minutes to complete the burn session. Then i started for the 3rd time a burn session (same amount of data btw for all 3 sessions)but this time on 2.4 speed in Nero. The dvd burn cycle was completed in 23 minutes. wtf!

How can this be ? the lower the speed set in nero the faster my burner write the data… very strange.

my system specs:
P4 2.4 Ghz,
1024 ram,
120 gigs hd.
plextor 708A drive, firmware 1.04

btw, im running winXP. Primary and secondary IDE channels are set to DMA.

No need for 2 posts :slight_smile: