Nero and plextools problem



Well Nero updated tonight, and now plextools doesn’t see any logical drive

Any ideas how to get my drives back , there in windows and nero , back not in plextools , I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled plextools , but still no good …


Uninstall Nero?


yes i suppose i will have to , but i did like nero …

Thanks anyway :wink:


Try to find the version you had prior to the problem and disable the updating feature.


Or use ImgBurn :bigsmile:


sorted it out , it turns out that it was the silicon image ide controller , and nothing to do with nero …


If it was working before the update, are you sure that the culprit is the controller?


Well i uninstalled the controller , removed it , in installed a new Jmicron controller , and the px-755a is now working fine , without uninstalling any software


Ok, thanks for posting here :slight_smile:

Just for curiosity, can you see what chip there is in the controller? It could be an useful information for other people :slight_smile: