Nero and other problems HELP

Ive been a longtime reader of the site, however a first time poster. heres my problem, hopefully someone can help.

I created a DVD of my vacation to florida using .mpg videos shot from my “still” camera as well as created a slideshow to music using photodvd. When I finaly got the DVD burned the video from the .mpg file is out of sync with the video.

One odd thing I am getting is, in NeroVision when I am about to burn the disc to my HD it tells me that most of my video is in PAL. This should not be the case since the settings on PhotoDVD are on NTSC and the video from my camera is on NTSC. What the hell am I doing wrong?

How are you capturing the video from the camera? What connection, hardware, and software?

its getting recorded right onto 1 gig CF card… I just take the CF card and put it into my comp … copy n past and walla!

No software other than photodvd and Nero to make the dvd.

Your mpg files should be authored/encoded before being burned to a dvd.

They are being encoded through NERO. My problem is before getting to the encoding process. Just before I click to burn, Nero informs me that most of my files are in the PAL format, then asks me if I want to use ALL PAL or encode to NTSC. I chose encode the whole project to NTSC. As stated above, my camera and the photodvd program are recording in NTSC format so there should be NOTHING in PAL. Im assuming this is why the Audio is not in Sync with the video. Unless you have another idea/program I can use to build this DVD. I know nero has alot of problems.

As a general rule, audio out of sync occurs when your hd is fragmented, when you have too much stuff running while encoding, or during capture due to frame loss. Try booting up to safe mode, eliminate any unnecessary background apps, defrag your hard drive, and encode and burn again.

All has been tried and did not work. Any other suggestions?

Just for giggles I made a new Nero project containing .02 gig of video (1 Video) to see if I was overdriving the system. It took about 30 seconds to transcode and burn… the audio was again out of sync. Has anyone else had this problem with the updated Nero?

Try looking at, and try some of their recommended applications and guides and see if you have better success. They have a lot of freeware/shareware solutions.