Nero and my Panosonic 105 help!

I just downloaded the version of Nero and for some reason it does not pick up my Panasonic 105 drive there¡¦s most likely a simple solution but am no sure yet anyone else know ƒº


anyone …Please :o

A little more info please?

Is the Drive internal (IDE) or external like Firewire?
What version of Nero did you last use?
Try to detect it with Roxio, Prassi, etc…?
OS still see it, or can you play a DVD from it?

Let’s start with that, and see where we can take it.


Thank you for the reply :slight_smile: as for the info…

OS is windows XP

It’s an IDE internal drive.

Not sure on the exact version I had previously but I would say it was about a year or so old.

Prassi, clone, windows xp and all other programs detect the drive no problem at all it just seems to be Nero.

So if you go into Nero, and select “Choose Recorder” option, it does not appear?

Is your serial number so old that you may need to purchase an upgrade?

Is it legitimate (not implying anything), just want to make sure that your Serial for Nero is not blacklisted (they are doing this now due to warez and cracks site)?

Can you revert back to the old version? Or even try an older Nero ASPI?

Do a complete uninstall and reinstall of Nero (the latest version)…

Anything else on the IDE cable, or is stand alone… If NOT standalone, what else is on the chain…


Heard of a Pioneer 105 but not a Panosonic>

Have you tried Autodetect on the Extras menu ?

I did think of one (or two) other thing(s) you might want to look at…

Certain Nero Serial Numbers force Nero into OEM mode, meaning that Nero came with a particular drive as a package deal. This would prevent you from choosing an alternate drive as the recorder. It may be that your OEM version didn’t play nice with upgrade, or vice versa.

Also, what are the chances that you are running Nero Enterprise? If so, maybe some of the burn options you are using are not compatible with the drive.

I myself have the Pioneer 105/A05 (assuming that is what you meant instead of Panasonic). I am running one version under the latest of Nero with no problems.

And if it is the Pioneer 105 you have, have you flashed the firmware to 1.30? Did you flash it with the hack that allows you to write Ritek 1X at 2X (also known as the “region free” hack)? If so, flash back to Pioneer’s original 1.30.

Let us know.