Nero and Multitasking

Lately I’ve been having troubles multitasking with nero. My system slows to a crawl whenever I’m burning dvds. I can barely browse the net or use winamp. And this is at 4x or 8x, same problem. I’ve played with the ultrabuffer and set it to 30mb instead of automatic which had it at 55mb. This solved my problems for a couple of burns.

Then it slowed down again. So I open up task manager and nero is using only about 3% of my CPU when burning and about 49MB. Then I checked its priority setting, it seems it automatically sets the priority for itself at high!

So I changed it to normal and the problem still persists. Drives are in DMA mode, no bottlenecks, I’ve defragged all my partitions and still it sloooow.
System specs:
AMD Athlon 850mhz
384mb sdram
burning with 812s
nero version

If I recall correctly, I didn’t use to have this problem with nero 5…

CD activity has a tendency to hog windows in general, at least with the ATAPI interface involved. But this application priority being set to High is at least adding to it. I would very much like it if there was an option to have it remain on Normal, like in the Expert Features tab.

Well I already checked for such a feature, and the only way I could see would be to manually set it each time :Z or a 3rd party software. Either way I’m not too happy.