Nero And Multi-session Help!

Im New To The Dvd Burning World, When I Want To Record To Blank Dvd How Do I Set The Multi Session Option And Where Do I Find This Option Menu???

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words :slight_smile:

Thanx IceBerg but where and how do you access that screen ive never seen it before???

If you are using nero burning rom 6 it should come up when you start the program, otherwise it is under file new, select DVD, select multisession.

If are using Nero Express 6 it looks different but start nero express 6 select data, then data, add your files, next, down the bottom it has create multisession, see new pic.

I’m afraid IceBerg has another version of Nero than mjzone. Try change values of those keys in registry editor: HKCU/Software/Ahead/Nero - Burning Rom/General/MultiSessionAdd,Ask,Remove etc.