Nero and MP3 ISO 9660 Format for Car Stereo Help

When you use Nero does it do ISO 9660 Format for my car? Or is it like a program where you have to follow it and do like 8 characters to a song? You know what I am talking about? Ok let me put it more specific. In my booklet it says that my car has to have ISO 9660 Format-Joliet and Romeo and a certain specific number of characters for the name of the song or something like. It also says that it does multisession cd’s. So I got like 26 songs on there by using nero and the multisession option so I can add more songs.

I put it in my car stereo and it has the mp3 sign on the stereo and press display the screen text moves across and says root, the name of band, name of song, and mp3. But there is suppose to be a feature when I hit menu that it says nameedit to assign the name of the cd. But when I put the cd in and I try it, it doesn’t say it. But when I got to name a radio station nameedit comes on. So it is the cd.

Now my questions are; What is ISO 9660 Format? How does ISO 9660 Format work?

Thanks for reading over this problem and please help me in any way. I need lots of help just got this stereo and I need help understanding this.

Never Bother with Multisession, its a pain in the Bum n aint worth the trouble…
If you are Burning MP3s its done as a “DATA” CDR…If you want to see the titles as well then I think its done in Mixed Mode…Not sure because I can’t read titles whilst Driveing, its more DANGEROUS than useing a Mobile phone…Why have you peeps gota be complicated!! ISO 9660 is a format thats read by PCs n Macs n Radios…It is a STANDARD Format…