Nero and LTR-165

Well, I’ve successfully installed my nice, new, shiny LTD-165 and made it region-free (thanks stoner and mango). BUT……

First, Nero (latest version) wouldn’t recognize the drive, which I found is ‘cuz it’s not listed in Nero’s CD-Rom database – only goes up to the163. So I installed it manually.
Nero drivespeed/cdspeed indicated data read of 48x and audio of 23x. Hmmm…I thought the 165 did DAE faster than that?
And what does DAE quality = 10x mean? Couldn’t find any reference in the Nero help files.

Second, when I open Nero, cd-cd copy, in the read speed window it gives the options as max, 48x and 2x. 2x??? Where did this come from? Why don’t I have more options to select from? It’s like having a turbo-charged car but not being allowed to get out of first gear and leaving the brake on! (Below this window it states DAE as 23x, but it’s not IN the window).

When I then tried to copy an audio cd it came up with this wonderful message: “There is a possible read error. Do you want to continue anyway?” Huh? Well, I said yes, with read set to max. (would YOU select 2x?) I set write as 12x, (rewritable) and it worked, took 4.50 mins. for 45 min. cd. The cd played fine.

So, anyone else had similar problems? How do others set up their 165’s with Nero? What read options do they have available?

On a more positive note, I thought I’d make a copy of MOHAA as a test, using CCDv4, of course.
My 32123s/40125s took 9min.30s at a read speed of 12.5x
LTR-165H took 3min.32s at 30x (av.20.17x)!!!
Stone the crows! Talk about turbo-charged! You little bewdy!

The writer took 3min.11s to burn it @40x max. I was stoked!
Pity it was a coaster…