Nero and Lightscribe - First time user - HELP!

I think this subject has been done to death in these forums, however, i have tried many of the suggestions on offer, but none seem to work… can anybody help, before i lose all of my hair!!..I purchased a new Asus A7J with LighScribe DVD, also bundled with Nero 6 Suite… I also upgraded to Nero 7 trial to see if this would work, but neither software would recognize i had a Lighscribe drive (ive even loaded SureThing, but that doesnt work either)… Ive updated all the Nero software, Ligtscribe main software and updates, un-installed all other burning software, checked “LightScribeService Direct Disc Labeling Service” in Admin tools, checked certain parts of the registry etc etc… but nothing seems to work !!!.. My drive has the Lightscribe logo, so i know i actually HAVE a Lightscribe drive… Toshiba’s driver site doesnt seem to have a driver for this (Drive is TSST TS-L632C)… The TSST driver site only has drivers for the “L” version…

Im coming to my wits end here and these forums seem to be my last hope of salvation !!

Mate, I have a A7Jc (just purchased), and am having exactly the same problem. However, the drive in this unit (according to windows) is a Matshita UJ-841S. Have done the same as you regarding all software etc. What is the LightscribeService Direct Disc Labeling Service though…?

If you look the upper right sight of the attached picture you can see my Nero have both “LightScribe & LabelFlash” Icon which mean both functions are active in Nero Burning ROm. So that meanss you have to have a right Nero product Key to activate LightScibe otherwise won’t work. But worse come to worse you can buy BenQ 1655 with LS for $32.99 total.

Further update… Asus tell me that they actually use 3 different drives in the A7Jc, and that the Matshita is fully Lightscribe enabled and compliant. The ironic thing is that the Lightscribe service installs and starts without any problems. The software installs and loads without any problems, to the point that I can actually pick things like 'Create a Lightscribe Label" etc. However, when I finally go to print the label…no lightscribe devices are found.

Ok, going to ask a series of question for the original poster. First off, can your computer detect that you actually have a CD/DVD burner (just going to my computer will be enough). Second, did you go to to download the Lightscribe System Software that enables the lightscribe capability for all application packages. Make the cables are properly connected and look under the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Lightscribe and that the Lightscribe service is active and running in your list of current and active services ont the computer management tool. If all else fails, either contact me or go to If you choose to go to, they have really fast support and can answer most of your questions. But from what I’ve heard, in order to a fast and accurate response to the problem, give as much information as possible.

oh and try to find the “contact us” link that will give you access to talk to someone from that site.

Grrrr… It doesn’t look like my Nero 7 essentials has labelflash???

Well my LS seems to be detected in Nero6 ok, but when I try to make the label it only lets me do a small band rather than the whole disc. Why the heck is it doing this?