Nero and KiSS release first high definition DVD Player with AVC/H.264



I just posted the article Nero and KiSS release first high definition DVD Player with AVC/H.264.

DP-700 to
Become the First CE Device to Play Back Nero Digital™ AVC FilesIFA,
Berlin, Germany (September 3, 2005) – Nero, leaders in digital media technology
and developer of…

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“release” my ass ! Based on KiSS record of anounsing features as “released” half year before they released and players a year before they released I would expect DP-700 model in a year or so at LEAST ! They even not released DP-600 yet ! Btw: knowing this as a target date for release (about in a year) + knowing Sigma EM863x series features + close ties of KiSS with Toshiba optical storage devision - one can expect DP-700 be not just DVD but HD-DVD player. Anyway , so far KiSS have proven themselves as complete junk company never be able to deliver stable firmware … :frowning:

  1. KISS was bought by Cisco. I thought that they will focus only on network drives… 2) This player won’t be so useful: The only AVC content that it could play would be home made videos… (made with a PC). 3) This is only a PLAYER. But I think that people really need RECORDERS! I think that the market really needs a DivX recorder, and DivX DVD camcorders (that records in DivX rather in MPEG2). Why isn’t there any company that releases somehing like that? This could be a major success!
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All new Hd-dv camcorders now record in mpeg4 (not divx though because it’s a bloated codec that just dosn’t compare to even xvid.) And soon I hope more will start doing this aswell. Also of course we need recorders but considering they are going to be more expensive it’s smart to get the readers out there for people who don’t want to wait and might want to put there hd content on dvd’s (a dual layer dvd can help 2-3 hours of 720p content stored in mpeg4)