Nero and iTunes can not see my CD burner on vista



[CENTER]Hello I just got vista on my computer that was running window xp. When i just copy data to a CD by just drag and drop on the drive it burners fine but when i try to burn with iTunes it tell me that there is no CD drives at all. Nero install but when i try to open it, it will fail and crash. Does anyone know how i can fix this or know of another program that will work with windows vista??


Vista and Itunes are not yet playing nice from what I’ve been reading. When I was beta testing for Vista RC1, it had an option to set the compatibility mode for older software to XP…you could give that a shot…:slight_smile:

Under a fresh install, I never could get Nero 6x to work…heard several say they got it working if they opted upgrade from XP.

Wish I could be more help