Nero and Images

okay then, I’m limited to using clonecd and nero due to my poor choice in a 1210e creative.

My question is this, how do you burn ISOz and Bin/cuez with Nero
tried lots of stuff and made several coasters

help would be appreciated

got the BIN/CUE thing worked out … now if i could just get Nero to burn an ISO i’ll be happy

There is two ways to make it!

  1. When you are browsing the nrg file image then selent in the list that another ( I don’t remember what that was and I can’t look because I’m in the school)
    and then browse file!

  2. Or Get daemon-tools (www.daemon-tools-com) and load the iso to virtual cd-rom and select that to cd reader in nero and burn on-the-fly!

Solution 2 is easy and it works 100%! I haven’t got any coasters with that solution and it really it is easy!

file–>burn image–>all files–>open *.iso

burn away!

digitals way, has created me lots of coasters before … think i’ll try the daemon tools

You could extract your images with Winiso too…

The Daemon tools virtual drive combined with clonecd works great for ISOz. Looks like all my burning issues have been sorted :slight_smile: