Nero and Gaps Between Songs

When burning *.wav songs to a disc, Nero requires a 2-second gap between the first and second song.

Nero allows you to adjust the gap time between all other songs.
What is the minimum you can set it to?
Perhaps the answer is 1-second.

When I choose 0-seconds, the disc doesn’t play correctly in my home stereo CD player. It seems that the laser doesn’t know where to cue.
The first song play OK but the laser just scates all over the others.

Would choosing 1-second and/or selecting the fade option help.
These songs are jazz songs that are more like one long song that has sections with individual titles.

I’m thinking of just recording it as one long song unless someone can offer a solution.


I used to do that all the time, however I first edited with cooledit, most people never find the hidden menus in nero, we used professional dual deck cd players with que’s.
I did make some for private parties with premium boom box players(uck).
What I did was set track2-15? for 0 gap with a 2 sec fade in and out.

the needed gap is between the disc beginning and the 1st song.
you can easily set a gap of 0 seconds between track 1 and 2.

in general, marking all tracks, right-click on them and set the gap to 0 seconds (or blocks, does not make any difference as it’s always 0) should be everything you need to do.
when burning, nero will show you a message that it has to change the initial gap for song 1 on 2 seconds, but after confirming that the cd should be burned fine.
used this several times before, even if i generally copy my gapless cd’s only 1:1, using EAC.
if you r standalone player cannot handle these burned cd’s, it’s maybee too old? :wink:

Yes, my stand alone player is very old.
However it also happens with my relatively new stand alone DVD player which plays CD’s.

buy better blanks, burn slower

I burn at 4x on 48x Ridata discs.

16 or 32x on 48x media

I always read that audio should be burned at 8x or less
… preferably 4x or 2x
… the slower the better

Old news for old equipment.

Try using Nero Express to burn your music and tick “No pause between tracks” and see how that works.