Nero and Flashing

When you flash a Lite On CDRW drive to a different firmware, will the nero software that came with the drive still work after you flash.

Usually the software is OEM’ed by brand, so as long as you stay with the same brand it should work.

Thank you Dave,

I wasn’t sure, because the nero disk states on it that this software will only work with the CD recorder it came bundled with.
I plan on buying another Lite On. The 48126S and flashing it to a 52246S. I just hope Nero still recognizes the drive after I flash.

I currently have a 48125W using Nero

If I install the OC’d 48126S in my computer will my present Nero software recognize the drive, seeing as though it came bundled with my 48125W.

I hope I worded everything alright :confused:

It should. You’ll just have to try it unless someone knows for sure.

Dave is right as long as the drive is from the same manufacturer the software will load I have installed nero from lite-on retail versions even on pacific digital drives which were re badged lite -ons.

each new version of nero tho usually comes out with matching more CDRW’s … but if u got that should be ok. the problem would occur if you had an older version of nero that did not support your burner.

I believe does support 52246S because a few ppl have already flashed there 48126S’s with the new firmware and have posted Nero screenies to support there overclocking