Nero and finding files on a wireless network

I have a desktop setup in the basement hooked up to a wireless router, and a laptop using the wireless network to access files on the desktop. I have Nero on the laptop and I am trying to burn files with my laptop with files that are on the desktop, but Nero’s file browser only sees files on my C drive on my laptop. Is there a way for Nero to “see” the files on my desktop?

I know I could copy the files over the network to my laptop and then burn them, but was wondering if I could skip this step and just get Nero to see the files on my desktop instead, or failing that, is there a burning program that can see files on a network?

Have you “mapped” the desktop drives? This is the only way Nero will see them. When you done this I’ve a feeling that Nero does something like cache the networked files - basically I think it copies them over to where your burning them.

One way or another the data MUST be transferred over the network for the data to be burned on to the disk. Think about it, it must work this way.

Hey…tried that and it worked!

Thanks for your help…