Nero and DVD43 Help

I’m really new to this and trying to get things figured out. I’m trying to backup my dvd collection. I started out using trial version of 1 clickdvdpro and dvd43 and everything worked great and easy. Now the trial expired and I ended up bying Nero7 instead because I was told it was a better program. But now when I put in a DVD and use DVD43, I have no idea what to do next. With 1clickdvdcopypro I would open it and it would just work, I just had to click go or whatever.

After I run dvd43, what do I do in Nero to get the copy to burn to disc?

Take a look here:


dvd43 isn’t going to help you; it’s deadware, and, by itself, it’s completely useless and can’t handle newer protections. So it’s not going to help you with Nero Recode. Dvd43 will help you with 1-Click–but not Nero Recode.

If you want to use an on-the-fly decrypter, I recommend and use Anydvd. Try the 21 day free trial at

The program in Nero you’ll want to be using is Nero Recode in all likelyhood.