Nero and DVD



I have Nero 6 power pack installed, But cannot copy a dvd on the fly. I can copy a cd on the fly with no problems, but when i use nero smart start and select dvd -> -> Copy and backup -> -> copy disk, It just sits there and the recorder shows idle.

It picks up my dvd-rom lite-on 167T and my burner Sony dru 700a vy06. Am i missing something ?.

I have uninstalled and re-installed but it still wont copy a dvd on the fly.



hiya ,does it start then fail,if so at what are your devices configured(ide,slave master ??)


The DVDs that you want to make a backup of are most certainly protected and can not be copied on the fly. You need a dedicated software like DVD decrypter that will bypass the protection and rip the contents of the DVD in your hard drive first.


Thanks for the replies, I have AnyDVD installed, so that takes care of any protection, i can use nero Recode on the fly, It is only when i select DVD -> Backup and Copy -> Copy Disk that Nothing happens,



O.K. this has gone on for more than 2 weeks, in that time i have un-installed and re-installed nero power pack a dozen times. I have swapped my drives IDE’s, I have disabled nearly every program i have running, i have updated nero vision, I have upgraded the firmware for both drives, But it still will not let me burn DVD’s.

My specs are:
Burner: Lite-On DVDRW SOHW-832S (was a Sony DRU 700A used VYOA to upgrade)
ROM: Lite-On SOHD-167T

Nero 6 Power pack with latest Nero Vision
Kerio 4.2
AVG 7.00
Opera 7.5

I have the burner on primary slave IDE 1 and the ROM on secondary slave IDE 2.

In my last post i said i can use Nero recode on the fly, well since i re-installed I cannot. I have tried everything i know to try and remedy this problem. Nero recognises both drives correctly, so i’m out of ideas.

I have installed Ulead Movie Factory and have NO problems burning from disk to disk, so i know my drives are O.K. Its getting to the stage of getting rid of nero altogether, which is a pity because i like the program.