Nero and DirectCD



I tried installing Nero and ityds I have to get rid of directCD. Is it possible to temporarily shut off directCD and burn with nero, and then start up diectCD again? If so, how?


Go to the ahead (Nero) download page:

there’s a patch you can download that create’s a bootmenu that let’s you decide which program you want to use


Direct CD is a bad program.
I suggest you get rid of it.


When your PC boots up it automatically loads the driver for Direct CD & doesn’t allow you to use Nero. Go to the link that madskating cow gave & download the file Nero/Adaptec & this will allow you to select which software you want to use.


there are many known problems between the two programs, and there is lots of info about it at aside from that, i would say uninstall directcd, unless you absolutely need it. try and use packetcd instead, because it is a little faster and it doesn’t interfere with other progs.

or, decide which program you need more - nero or directcd, then uninstall one of the two.

there is one more thing to try, you can find and delete the file “Scsi1hlp.vxd” in your C:\Windows\System\IOSUBSYS folder. that should fix the problem, and let you use both at the same time.


Nero is a very nice burning program,so I
suggest you get remove DirectCD from your

I have been using nero several years now and I’m very happy with it so …

Clonecd rules, but nero and cdrwin are very
nice to