Nero and CPU Spikes-

I have DMA Enabled, and if i use other burning programs, the cpu usage goes as high as %11- still leaving my computer free to run multiple tasks… however when i run nero- it goes as high as +50%- making my computer useless during burns… this is when i burn data dvds at 8x.

why would this only be occurring with nero, and not any other program? does anyone know of any quick fixes?


i’m using the latest nero

How much free memory do you have when running Nero?

It runs at about 280mb , probably because of it’s Ultra Buffer feature, and to my mind is not suitable for low memory systems.

i have 512- which i guess is a little low by today’s standards… i guess for the meantime i’ll stick with recordnow.

though, i think i recall using nero and multitasking in the past… i wonder if there is any other possibilities…

thanks for replying.

My second system has 512mb & I’ve just done a burn on it with Nero & the CPU usage was no higher than 5%, goes to 40% when verifying.

hmm… maybe i should try an older version then… my computer is a little old, but still comparable to lowend systems that are available now… 2.53ghz…

The one I quoted is an XP2100 , so less powerful than yours.

You could try downloading the lastest version of Nero Ultra which is It is on there webpage available for a couple of months already.