Nero and ConvertXtoDVD


(1) Converted a PAL DVD to NTSC using ConvertXToDVD 2.0.12b.

(2) Played the DVD and worked fine on same PC that did conversion.

(3) Nero used to copy the converted DVD but Nero never got around to the write because it rejected the DVD it read.

(4) Was able to copy the DVD using CLONEDVD to inport the DVD and then write it to the burner.

What is the problem with Nero and CXD?

Does this happen with all DVDs or just single one?
Is there only video_ts folder in that DVD or is there audio_ts also?

So far, its one DVD that I can confirm. More testing needed. The DVD was created using CXD so its whatever CXD generates in the folder. Are you concerned that if a AUDIO_TS folder is absent that NERO really cares when all its doing is a raw copy?

Well… it should NOT care about ANYTHING if you do raw copy.
Just copying disks should give errors only if disk is protected or defected.

Is it possible that the PAL DVD source hds some protection that CXD passed into the converted NTSC version, which Nero rejected, but CloneDVD did not reject? What could thing(s) could that be?

If there is protection (files are crypted) on original disk, it will not convert at all.
You also can’t copy protected disk (normal copy protection) with Nero at all.
Nero can reject video_ts folder contents if you try to copy DVD by dragging files in it to destination, but it should never reject non-protected disk. If those files are crypted, it does not matter. You can still copy them.
So this is VERY odd indeed.

It seems that not doing an on the fly copy in Nero and limiting the speed of the write to 4X has repaired the problem, what ever it was. Your ideas were very good and I will post any anomolies if they happen. Fingers crossed!