Nero and C++ error

I get a C++ runtime error when trying to rip audio cd’s using nero. From Nero burning rom go to extras then save tracks. As soon as you pick your drive and click ok boom. Does anyone else get this? You need a audio disk in the drive of course.
Nero 7 Ultra XP pro sp2

What no one can do a simple test for me?

I don’t get that error, see if your drive supports buffer underrun and buffer overrun. I have the NEC ND-6500A which supports both.

We are not talking about the same buffer type. The error I’m getting relates to windows buffers.

I tried re installing nero 7 but had the same problem. I then imaged my hard drive back to a point before the first nero 7 install then installed nero 7 and this fixed the problem. I never did find the real cause.