Nero and BSOD / can't get it running

I have a huge problem that I thought someone might help me with: For no apparent reason I now get a BSOD whenever using Nero. It might fail during burning, it might not. If not it will always BSOD when I do a shutdown. I have tried to remove by uninstalling and using “Nero-Cleantool”. I reinstall and same problem. If I do an Erase ReWritable that window closes and nothing happens (untill I shutdown). Other burning software (Fireburner or CdrWin) works fine.

How can I remove all traces of Nero? (without reinstalling the whole machine!)

Regedit and nuke every trace of Ahead and/or Nero

Make sure you have a BACKUP of the registry before you mess with it.

Did that. No help. Actually it is enough to start Nero, exit and then shutdown. BSOD!

hehe, this was me in July 2001

It’s always one of two things:[ul][]an unstable machine to start with[]a bug in Nero[/ul]God help you if it’s in fact both at the same time. Update all your drivers: chipset, sound, vid and anything else you can think of. If you don’t have an Adaptec product then uninstall ASPI. What OS you got?

it’s a known problem when using the ICH5R, RAID and nero.

there’s a good thread about it here, tho i don’t know if it’s been solved.

Stomp RecordNow Max also has the same prob, but Alcohol and Roxio are fine, so i use them now instead.

more detailed stuff here, same site.

Nice find Trixxy!

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This is what I was looking for!
I’ll have to play around with this information and do some testing…

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The link fixed my problem. NERO WORKS AGAIN.

iaar3.5 solved it!

THANKS :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: