Nero and BenQ DW1620 and TY DVD's

I am having some burning “time” issues and need some advice.

First my media is “That’s” YUDEN000T01 DVD+R 4x.

and BenQ 8x DVD+R

Besides CD burning I use Nero for making DVD-Video.

The issue I have is when burning the TY disks @ 12x it takes usually 9 min 30 sec to burn a disk when it should take about 6:30. These are not fake TY disks these are Shrink wrapped in Jewel cases from Japan.

I can burn them 12x with Alcohol and DVD Decrypter with no problem but not with Nero.

What I did as a test is First I burned a TY disk, took 9:30 to burn.

Then I burned a BenQ, took 6:29.

Then I burned another TY, took 9:31.

Leadin and leadout takes about 15-20 longer on the TY disks and when I scan my TY I see it never made it above 8x burn speed using Nero cd/dvd speed.

I have tried the new version of Nero and some older versions all with the same result.

Is there some setting or something I am missing or something I can try?

I know these TY disks are very capable of burning at 12x as I have done it, it just seems Nero is locking me at 8x for some reason even though I choose to burn at 12x.

edit: Almost forgot, I used make disk with Nero CD speed and it burned it at 12x.

see pic below…

make image

Thanks for any advice

I have a BenQ 1620. I have not done your test but make sure you get the latest firmware for the BenQ drive. The latest firmware can be found here:

Hope this helps.

Yup I have the latest.

I think that somehow Nero is holding the burn at 8x when I know it can go 12x.

Is there some setting in Nero that might be holding it back??

I did notice one setting.

Under “recorder” then “choose recorder” then “options” I notice “DVD High compatability mode” is checked, what does this do and could it be the problem?