Nero and Any Burning



I have been using DVD Decrypter, and lately when I burn with nero it says that it cannot burn, lists one vob file that could not be opened or accessed. I tried ripping with FAB, tried burning with IMG Burn, tried ripping with any dvd and DVD Decrypter and then burning with Clone DVD. All of the burners give me the same error. What the heck is wrong?!?! I am seriously going crazy about this. I also have tried doing all of that to my main hard drive, thinking something was wrong with my 300GB Seagate i use for my main storage of files. Please help, i am going crazy, and cant stop thinking about this problem. I am so glad that all of you have so much knowledge, and willingness to help.



I guess I dont need a reply now, I had to replace my laptop and the new one has a DVD Burner. For some reason the same set-up works on the laptop, so now I can just forget about the desktop problem. Thanks anyway guys.