Nero anamorphic flag?

I recorded a 16:9 HDTV broadcast from my dish network dvr via the rca analog outs (480i) to my cheap mp4 pmp. The PMP recorded a anamorphic 640x480 asf video (mp4 but encapsulated in a .avi)

I downloaded the nero 7 demo package (like over 100MB) and tried out the DVD-Video wizard. I selected 16:9 before I burned the video to DVD. Nero took about an hour and a half on my slow CPU to convert the video to DVD-video format and burn it.

After I was done I tried to play it on a couple DVD players. It wouldn’t do the anamorphic squeeze. I guess I mistook the 16:9 option in Nero as a option to flag the DVD? Did I miss a step?
Thanks for any help?
Bob C