Nero always stops at 50% when burning DVD+RDL

Got a BenQ DVD DD DW1620 drive flashed with firmware B7W9 using Nero Burning ROM 6.6.014

and everytime the burning process starts on layer 2… it screws up and freezes or produces some kind of other error… depends if i use Nero Express or Nero Burning Rom… Either way… i got 4 coasters lying around here and im pretty disappointed…

Nero has been known to have problems with DL media. If you are burning a movie, put them in an ISO image file, then burn with DVDDecrypter or IMGBurn.

If the movie is already on the hd in file mode, you can use DVD Shrink to output them in ISO form, and since you’re using a DL disk, you won’t need to use compression. Just ignore the warning message that says the image won’t fit on a regular dvdr.

If you’re burning data files, I’ll let someone else chime in, since I don’t use DL disks for that purpose.

What DL media are you using?

Expert Tech beat me to it. I forgot to ask if you were using Verbatim DL disks or not. They are the only reliable DL +R disks around.

okay… look at the attachments…

and yeah… I’m basically only looking to do data backup burning… not dvd movies for use in dvd players…

[b]EDIT:[/b] Nah… I picked up Memerox brand cause they were dirt cheap on sale at Future Shop… Verbatim is expensive as hell.

I did buy 2 pack of 3 each of Memorex D/L at cost $3 per disc when they were on sale at CompUSA and I experieced the same thing you did wasted the first pack of 3 without one successful burning. I still have the second pack but have given up on quality of these discs.

so you’re saying these are bad dvd+rdl’s in general for the 1620 BenQ??

At any rate… im gonna try burning a DVD+RDL with Easy Media Creator 7.5 once i get it installed.

Ritek DLs are not worth the crude they are made with

Some how there are many opinions that Memorex DVD+R D/L are not that of good quality.

Yup, I am yet to see a ‘good’ scan of a Ritek DL disc. Even with the best burners, the scans look terrible.

Verbatim DVD+R DL is the way to go!

Or rather, MKM DVD+R DL. Verbatim isn’t the only brand that uses MKM. Though I agree that Verbatim (and Mitsubishi) is your best bet for getting MKM.


Using the Ricoh DVD+R DL on the Benq DW1620 with B7W9 using Nero Ultra
I get exactly the same problem - i Bought a 5 pack of these disks at like £20 and have cooked 3 of them :frowning:

I’m looking to backup data to these but really starting to loose all hope.

The Ricoh site says that you should use F/W B7W9 for this drive and fair enough, I was using older firmware to produce the first 2 coasters.

Whats the DEAL!!$£!?


The Ritek discs are not bad at all. I burned successfully more than a hundred Ridata Ritek discs on Pioneer 108 but after I upgraded to BENQ 1640 (BSLB) I ve got 10 coasters in a row !! I tried all possible combinations with Solid Burn and without, with WOPC and without, with latest Nero and with DVD Decrypter, with ISO and regular burning – all 10 discs failed nomatterwhat exactly at the same spot during writing – the very first sector of a second layer !!

Here is a scan of Ritek Ridata DL disc burned with Pioneer 108 (1.20) and scaned with BENQ 1640

I think dk6205 is correct here. The Ridata disks are not as good as Verbatims, but the Benq pukes on them when other burners will at least complete the burn and make a readable disk, even if the scans are not the greatest. I have a dw1640 and it won’t finish a D01. My NEC 2510a will burn the same disks. I’d like to see a list of burners that can burn these disks.

dk6205, SolidBurn only works with +R and -R. Not RW, DL or CDs.


I couldn’t get nero version 6 to finish the burn either but the Ritek dl burns fine with nero version 7 and dvd decryptor. They don’t produce the best scans (70 % quality score) but they all played fine on my dvd players. I would suggest an upgrade to the newer nero if you are using an old version. I am also using a benq 1620 using different firmwares (P,S,T,U, and W) provides the same results. The only thing I don’t like about these discs is that they only allow for 2.4x max speed.

With the 1640 too?

alittle off topic,ie not DL, but after successfully using and copying 50 ritek ridata +r the store ran out so i bought the onsale future shop memorex 16x +r and those memorex are crap in the benq1640, toasters lying around everywhere. But good to know that the ritek DL don’t work good in the 1640, mabye we need a firmware upgrade?

Ritek DL is just poor media. Will hardly burn and verify OK in very few drives.

Memorex comes with different Dys/MID/mediacodes and so is their quality: very mixed.

Try flashing back to firmware BSJB to write D01 discs on the 1640. I wrote ten of these with this firmware prior to upgrading and all burns were successful. Firmwares BSKB and BSLB usually cause a failure at the layer change.