Nero ALWAYS crashes


i am new @ this forum. I really hope someone can help me!

Since I have my pc (i bought it 1 year ago) Nero always crashes when i want to use it! Sometimes i can use the program for a while, but then he reboots! Once he has reboot, he always immediatly reboot when i open the program.

I tried everything, the newest nero updates, nero 4 - 5 -6,…

I updated my dvd-writer (which is a sony dru-510A), my mobo is updated (IS-7),…

When he crashes the following error is given:

STOP: 0x00000024(0x001902FA,0xa5c26470,0xA5c26170,0x804eb8f8)

PLEASE someone!!!

Thx a lot!

Change the RAM.

Does this happen with various Nero version’s or only 1 specific version of Nero.
Try taking out 1 RAM mod and run Nero, sounds like a possible fault.
Check the Dr Watson Log file, if it is a RAM fault, it will be recorded.
Search for dr.log to find it.

You might be having either a hardware or a software problem.

A hardware problem: check this thread .

A software problem: deinstall Nero, get the latest version from and try again!