Nero, Alcohol & InCD CD-RW problems with Win2000



I’ve had a difficult time with CD-RW’s for over 2 months. In the beginning, it was that my Win2000 (SP4) machine wouldn’t recognize the CD-RW media in the drive, but that got (sort of) “solved” by running InCD and using the Nero ASPI. Now (sometimes) I can get the media recognized by Win2000, and have been able to burn (and then read) the copy.

But it “feels” wrong, because it is inconsistant. Sometimes either Nero or Alcohol will report a “successful” burn, but then I can’t read the data in Windows. It’s been annoying, but for the most part functional.

A recent experience has happened which has sort of “brought things to a head”. I had a copied Win2000 Installation disk fail to do a repair install on another computer. Since it had SP4 and some hotfixes slipstreamed into it (using nLite), and nLite is still in beta, my thought was that the hotfix slipstreaming might have caused the Installation Disk to fail. So I thought I would make another copy, only this time with only SP4 slipstreamed, and I left out the hotfixes.

Ran nLite fine with no problems, and used Nero to burn the image on the CD-RW that had the original Win2000 with both SP4 and the hotfixes. Which also seemed to go fine. But when I tried to use the disk, the CD-RW would not be recognized by the computer.

This event has created a lot of questions, and I would be very appreciative if someone could help me learn about this aspect of CD burning, as it is of great interest (and usefulness) to me.

First, did the fact that I had a bootable image burned to the CD-RW mean that I could not re-use that disk ever again? Since I tried burning Win2000 a second time, I am not able to get ANY file on that disk to be recognized by Windows. But both Nero and Alcohol have (apparantly) “successfully” burned files to the media; Windows just doesn’t seem to see the disk.

Is the disk permanently “ruined” ? If so, why ?

I’ve seen a button on Nero that seems to “close” a “multi-session” disk. I didn’t select it, but did Nero “close” it anyways. Was it because it was a “bootable image” ?

And what is this “closing” all about ? Is it always permanent ? Can it be permanently turned off in Nero ?

Also, I’ve heard about using InCD to “format” a CD. Do you only do this to CD-RW media, or can you also do it to non-rewritables ? (It doesn’t really make sense to me, but I need to ask in order to give a sense of what I do and do not know.)

Also the “finished product” of an InCD format is (I think) around 500 Meg. Where did the other 300 Meg of space go ?

Is an InCD format “permanent”, so that you can never “unformat” the disk and use it like it was first purchased ?

Any other help and advice would be greatly appreciated, as well as any help in answering questions I should have asked, instead of what I have listed here.

Also, I would like to say that most of what I know already about CD’s and burning I have learned here on this forum and for that I am very grateful.

Thanks again, and thanks in advance,



Still hoping to find someone that can help me understand this stuff. Any help appreciated.



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