Nero adds Blu-ray data recording and Nero Search to Nero 7

I just posted the article Nero adds Blu-ray data recording and Nero Search to Nero 7.

Nero Introduces Latest Version of Nero 7 Software SuiteWednesday April 26, 10:24 am ET New Version Adds Blu-ray Data Recording, Redesigned Performance Features to the Leading…

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Try Nero Lite: only 36 megs… :slight_smile:

Bloatware gets even more bloated. Blah!

Too bad I DON’T WANT Nero Search, and they messed up Nero Vision in this latest update…

:frowning: I think they would be better off (or we would be betteroff) if Nero would fix the Suite rather than adding another desktop search program. It has become about making them money rather than making a better product for our use.

What a bloated buggy puece of garbage. I don’t want the search or Scout and can’t remove them from memory or better yet not install them in the first place. The app is slower and the implementation of gapless recording for audio CDs is just plain stupid. I wouldn’t buy this with YOUR money. I’ll stick with 6.

Try Nero Lite: no scout or other bloat, just the basic Nero goodness. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
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the nero lite include recode? is possible to unistall Nero search?

I want a piece of software that does one or two things well (CD/DVD burning with some Audio/Video creation/editing) not a program that does a million things, each one of them poorly, and taking up massive disk space. It’s obvious that a company made up of pointy-haired bosses has taken over Ahead Software, and changed it radically from a company interested in developing great products, to one that is coasting on reputation like a broke-but-once-wealthy-with-a-powerful-name family does. Rather than make a solid product, a new buzzword feature is added every so often (rumor has it that Skype-like VoIP phone support will be the next feature. Ahead, here’s a message: You can keep Nero 7. is a far better program, and it’s old by software standards. Remember what made your company great, and go back to it before the tech world sprinkles the ashes of Nero 7 CD’s over your coffin.