Nero adds 150Mb with Gigarec


when I burn a CD in Gigarec mode (1.3x - Mode 2/XA) using Nero (6) automatically Nero adds ± 150Mb extra data…
Is there a way the avoid that? Because I want to burn 1074Mb of DATA (and NOT 1074Mb minus 150Mb…)


i am thinking, the plextools has a feature for enabling/disabling the gigarec feature.

u can download plextools from the plextor website.

Daxearo: Nero is not yet that advanced. What you want to do is actually making a M2F2-cd, Nero can’t do that. Use Mode2CDMaker

Could this be your problem? :confused:


“Another factor emerges when CD-RW or CD-R discs are formatted for writing with the UDF file structure used to “drag-and-drop” data. When using a UDF application software such as Roxio’s DirectCD, formatting the disc changes the logical data structure from the CD-R “sector” format to the UDF “block” format. This can use 150 MegaBytes of additional space for overhead alone, reducing the capacity of the disc even further. The versatility gained by formatting the disc for use with “drag-and-drop” is partially offset by the reduced capacity of the disc. Users must take these variables into account when discussing CD capacities.”

Hope this helps. :smiley:

can’t you save some spac with “short lead outs” in nero?

Short lead outs doesn’t work with Gigarec activated :slight_smile:
I’m trying to put much as possible MP3 files on CD-R’s for playing back on my brand new Alpine carradio…
Anyone has experience with Alpine carradio’s and Gigarec??