Nero Actual write speed reg setting missing



In newer version of nero, I just got a new burner, came with nero, installed it, then used their website to upgrade mine to latest version, the reg tweak is not there.

Anyone know why, have they found out and got rid of it???



I even did a search in entire registry for “ShowSingleRecorderSpeed” and no matches found. I suspect Nero did away with this, maybe some of the Ahead team were reading these forums and decided to be better tthan us :frowning:


it no longer appears in the registry by default i guess, but u can just add the dword “ShowSingleRecorderSpeed” to the registry urself in the spot where u’d normally find it, and change the value to 1.


interesting, I will try it and report my findings here.


you have to actually burn a few discs before the setting will be there.