Nero 9



how to you burn a dvd in nero 9 of a story that was created in Photo Story 3?


Photo Story 3 should handle all of that for you. If the output of Photo Story 3 is a disc image, simply open the image in Nero and burn. If it is a file or files, then you simply burn the files to a disc as data.


what to do if it is a mpeg movie clip ??


Dogg,Thanks for the info. The problem I am having with photo story is when I go to burn disc . When it gets to the point where it is converting files, about a third of the way through the status bar it stops & an error occurs. As far asNero 9, when I go to burn disc as data I get an error that says cannot burn illegal disc. I am using a Memorex 4.7 GB disc. Any ideas


jimd - for video clips you need authoring software (if you want a lot of creative control) or a program such as ConvertXtoDVD.

ma1848ma - What is being used to convert the files? If it’s Nero, try something else (see notes to jimd above). Also, if it is Nero, it should be creating an error log. You can post the error log and we’ll be able to have a better idea of what is happening.


Dogg, Here is the error log from Nero9. I have not had achance to down load the other software. Will try tomorrow
ThanksLog.txt (8.68 KB)


I downloaded the free version of the convert software & got the following error
File C:\Documents and Settings\My Documents\RACING2.wp3
ignored unknown file format.
I must be doing something really wrong, because I can’t get anything to work.
Thanks for your help


From the error, it would appear you are trying to use bad or unsupported media. Ensure you have the latest firmware on your drive and/or try a different brand/type of media.

There are guides here:

and here:

both reference Sonic My DVD, so that may be the only burning app that can handle wp3 files.