Nero 9 Won't Burn What Other Progs Will



I’m having problems with Nero 9 failing sometimes to burn after converting an AVI to DVD.

I’ve recently changed to Nero 9 from Nero 7 and I must say nero 7 was having the same problem, after months of no problem at all.

Which makes me suspect it’s something to do with modern AVI files containg something that requires a codec I don’t have (and/or Nero 7/9 don’t have. But that’s only a guess on my part. I’m hoping there’s someone who really knows.)

Nero nearly completes the conversion/burn but then fails with a massive log I can’t understand and leaves me with a 90% burnt coaster.

ConvertX2DVD, for instance, does the job okay. Though I did notice this last time it reported that ‘the burn may be okay but there was a problem finalising the disk’ or words to that effect. The dvd is fine. Plays fine. But it does seem to be a clue that even converX found some problem with the file.

This only happens occasionally. I can burn five avis (converting to dvd) in a row and then one will pop up that gives these problems.

And I must say some other software finds problems with them, too. I put it through something, I forget what, Xilisoft I think, and it said it had done the job, created a dvd which appeared to be fine, but when I played it I found the back end of it to be totally missing.

This wouldn’t be my pc. Because it is not random. It is only those files that have the problems.

So I suspect the contents of those AVI files to be somewhat special somehow. But I’m very, very ignorant about the whole thing and would appreciate some help.

If there were someone who could interpret the Nero Log it might help.


ab :slight_smile: