Nero 9 very slow

Please can somebody help me with this problem? I downloaded and subsequently bought Nero 9. The application, however, turned out to be damnably slow, so slow in fact that minutes pass between the mouse click and the relevant program loading. The greatest culprit is Nero Vision. Not only it is frustratingly slow in loading but tends to freeze and I have to reboot tyhe machine. Can somebody tell me why this is happening? My systen is Windows XP with Service Packs 1 and 2. :frowning:

I had exactly the same problem (the slow loading times) with Nero 9 (tried it first using Vista, then XP. Both performed the same).

Went back to Nero 8 in the end. Hopefully someone can help both of us on this one. :wink:

Did this problem occur in Win7x64 as well and was it updated to the lastest Nero 9 updates???

Thats a good point coolcolors. You might want to do a fresh install. Uninstall Nero 9, then run CCleaner (free) and let it clean out your registry, you might want to also delete the old Nero directory. Then reboot your PC and install the latest version from the Nero website. Make sure you have your serial number information for registering you Nero product on hand before cleaning out the registry.