Nero 9 Problem

Hey everyone.

I use Nero Startsmart to burn DVD movies. What I usually do is write it to hard disc then burn it using the DVD Burning Rom thing. Now, usually the process of writing it takes about 3 hours or so. I’ve done it many times and the max time it ever took was like 5 hours. Now, I’m trying to burn a movie on a DVD and it takes 15 hours. It’s only one single file .avi and it’s about 800 MB. I have no idea why it’s taking 15 hours or so. I’ve changed the burning speed, everything I could think of but it’s taking so long. It’s never been like this. I don’t understand what to do. Any help would be appreciated . Thank you!

Is this avi file a high definition video by any chance? Use MediaInfo or Gspot video utility to examine the file and find out its resolution, and the codecs used in it.

If it is just a run of the mill standard definition xvid avi file, then it shouldn’t take all that long to convert, depending on the speed of your computer. There are some other, free, choices for converting avi files by the way. Some of them produce excellent quality. Take a look at AVStoDVD.

It can be set up to burn automatically with a very fine, free burning program called ImgBurn.

Yeah, I tried to use ImgBurn to burn the DVD but it apparently doesn’t work with .avi. It’s just a normal file. Nothing special to it. This is the first time I have ever run into this problem. It usually does only take a couple hours. If I convert the .avi to a DVD file, will the quality still be the same? Because if that’s the case, I’ll do that and burn using IMGburn because that software is very simple to use.

Thank you for the reply and help :slight_smile:

ImgBurn should be able to burn the avi file to the dvd as a simple data burn. There is no reason why it would not. It doesn’t matter what type of data, or what type of file when burning a data file. If for some unknown reason it fails, post the log from ImgBurn here in this thread. To find it, click on Help–>ImgBurn Logs.

ImgBurn will not convert avi to dvd, but if all you want is to put the avi on a disk, this will work.

Converting to dvd will degrade quality a small amount, but if it is done well you probably won’t see any difference. The HC encoder in AVStoDVD does an excellent job.

ImgBurn might work with just burning data on a disc but it won’t work if I’m trying to burn a movie so I could watch it on a DVD player, right?

I’m afraid of the quality going down if I convert it into a DVD file because this clip is very old and the quality right now isn’t that great. Hopefully AVStoDVD is an easy program to use.

If your dvd player has support for playing avi files, then yes, all you have to do is burn the file on a disk as data using ImgBurn. The player should show the files on the disk and allow you to play them.

Of course, not all avi files are compatible with dvd players. Avi is just a container format, and there are many different codecs that can be used in them, and many different specifications as to resolution/frame rate/audio. The most compatible ones are generally xvid or divx video codec, using mp3 audio.

Okay, thank you so much for the help!