Nero 9 Playback Problems!

Hi Guys

I’m hoping someone can help me. I purchased Nero 9 from PC World yesterday to burn my .avi files to a dvd so I can play in my dvd player. Everything runs smoothly and the quality of the video and sound is outstanding. Howver, after 6-9 minutes the playback freezes completely and it sounds as if the dvd has got stuck. It is doing it with all the dvds i have burned. I have tried it in different dvd players and the same thing happens. The program i am using within nero 9 is nero vision and the files are .avi files. I am not converting them first as I just assumed Nero did that during its burning process. The dvd-r discs that i am using are kodak discs. It always asks for third party patents too before burning which all seems to run smoothly too. .I get no errors at all until it hits my dvd player. My laptop is a sony vaio. Do you think i should try different dvd-r’s.

Can someone please help me, I’m very frustrated because the software cost me £60 and I cannot get the results i wanted from it :sad:

Any suggestions would be much appreciated

Thank You

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I would try Verbatim or TY disks and burn at half the rated speed, your laptop probably has a maximum burn speed of 8, which should be fine. Most laptop burners are not the best so using quality media should help.