Nero 9 HiJacked the Movie files

After installing Nero 9 all my existing movie files were hijacked by Nero 9. They won’t play on Windows Media Player anymore. Is there a way to convert them back so they will play on both Media Player and Nero. They will play on Nero show Time. Any Help? And is their a way so Nero won’t continue to take files like this.

What Nero 9 does is assigns all your movie files to Nero Show Time. The biggest problem is that it also deleted the stock DVD Decoder that came with Windows Media Player. After I purchased a new DVD Decoder from InterViedo Xpack . Now I can play Movies on Both. I’m currently working with Nero to solve this problem. It shouldn’t have done any of this. Specially deleting the DVD decoder.

It shouldn’t have done any of this.

Almost all apps like to assign everything to themselves, that’s why ‘Custom Installation’ should always be picked. In Nero’s case you then have a choice on what to assign.

You are not correct Nero 9 doesn’t give an option.

Thanks for the heads up. Guess it’s Nero 7, forever, for me.

No Problem. Up to Nero 8 you had a chose. Let see how helpful Nero is going to be.