Nero 9 finalizing help!

Ok i used winavi to burn my dvd+r and i just found out yesterday that the reason it cant play is because its not finalized and i dont think winavi finalizes so someone told me nero does and i downloaded nero 9 and then they said to put in my dvd+r and try like 3 different steps but it now says that my dvd isnt supported and it wont let me finalize anything so i was wondering if anyone knew any other software or how to finalize on nero 9 but i dont want to burn a whole new dvd because i tried on nero and i dont know how to do it

Hi lilchan92 and welcome:

imgburn will finalise a disc (they use the word close). Nero 9 is so new and has a number of problems that your best bet is to use imgburn to finalise.

It’s under Tools, Drive Close

can you explain how to in a more detailed way i just wanna make sure i dont mess up

Download imgburn with the link provided, insert the disc you need to finalise and follow the screenshot. If Drive is grayed out, change the Mode option in the pull down menu (Mode is next to Tools).

does it matter which mode you use and when i click disc on there will it go automatically and something will pop up or will it just not tell you anything?