Nero 9 burniing dvd problem

Hi everyone, i’ new to the forum but i’m hoping somwone can give answers. I’ve just purchase nero 9 with a view to convert my many avi’s to dvd. I use nero vision and it seems to work. however. when i play the dvd on a standard household dvd, i find on many occasions the film freezes after a certain length of time and i have to turn the dvd player off at the mains to eject the film. i’ve tried converting with a double pass slowing the speed of the burner etc… but still the sasme happens. any ideas??? help


Could you give more specs? What version of 9 did you buy and did you update it when you installed it? Don’t install InCD in any form or fashion it known to cause problems. What kinda burner and firmware are you using and what media type are you using? Are you booktyping the media if it is +R to -ROM?? Usually freezing is first signs of bad burns or bad media or burning to fast or burning and multiatasking when your not suppose to cause transfer problem to media on burns. So as you see there are variety of problems that can lead to one or more problems. So we need more info to know was is going on. Also those avi files do they play properly from beginning to end and are they nstc or pal? Cause that makes also a difference when converting. Also what kinda of stand alone player are you using to play those converted avi’s?