Nero 9 and multiple burners

hi all 1st post here and hope some 1 can help,just built a new pc comprising of
Asus M5A78L-M/USB3 AMD 760G mobo
AMD Bulldozer FX-4 Quad Core 4170 Black Edition 4.20Ghz
GeIL Black Dragon 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 PC3-10666C9 1333MHz Dual Channel Kit
OCZ Vertex 2E 120GB 2.5" SATA-II Solid State Hard Drive
and 4 samsung burners
now im using nero 9 but seem to be having a few problemssome times it will burn 4 disks ok some times it wont some times it wont even burn 1,now the only thing ive noticed is the read buffer levels when burning 4 disks that 2 of the seem fine and 2 are on zero,ive tried reinstalling windows and nero but still get the same problem ,any help would be appreacited

I think this is the link to your motherboard… Or close enough. You’re probably using Win7-64, since you have 8Gb of memory.

Nero claimed that “Nero 10” was their first level of good Win7 support, so this might be one issue, but I see a lot of Win7 users with Nero9-OEM being used. Just not with multiple burners. This might be one of those “good support” instead of “claims to support” issues.

What happens when you unplug 2 of the Burners and run ‘on two’? Do those two work perfectly well for session after session?

I might be tempted to work this in steps - use Burner #1 & 2 for a day or two, then unplug those and see how #3 and 4 behave as ‘the only two’ - as if it’s Burner Hardware Problem.

Then add in one of the Unplugged Ones as Unit #3 and see if the odd behavior follows. Eventually, this might also impact the power supply, which I haven’t asked about. Flakey electricals will be impossible to diagnose from this distance - that’s probably a “replace it and see if there’s any behavior change” step.

thx for the reply ,power supply should be good ,brand new corsair 800w supply…ive installed nero 10 today and it seems ok so far allthough every now and then 1 of the 4 read buffers stays on zero but it burns the disk ok ,but its taking over twice the time that it did in nero 9


try Imgburn. It needs to be started multiple times, IIRC, if you want to write something to multiple drives simultaneous.

Also, you should lower the speed. 8x should be okay for your system


thx for the help mciahel i will deffo look into img burn