Nero 9 and Dvd Shrink

Ok so for the past year ive been using nero 7 and been burning movies with nero vision… no problem… then i found out dvdshrink and saw that i could use nero vision, burn files to the hard drive, then open the files up in dvd shrink and burn the dvd in about 10 minutes compared to 1 hr… so i figured i would do that for when i do more than 1 copy of a movie. Well today i installed nero 9 and when i use dvd shrink it doesnt let me burn anymore and says install nero to burn… So i was wondering if someone could explain how i could burn more than 1 copy fast using nero 9 and dvd shrink and if any other software neccessary.


hey, i have the same problem ( i’m running win7 )
download dvd decrypter and it will work with dvd shrink…
i was pissed, i was using nero7 with xp, i upgraded to win7 and nothing works with that yet. lol
i went out and upgraded to nero 9…headache…
just have it burn with dvd decrypter via dvd shrink