Nero Discussion Thread

Nero 9 Highlights:
• Fast and easy rip, burn, Autobackup, and copy functions
• Backup files to CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs*
• Create professional-looking DVD movies with integrated 3D menus
• Copy, burn, share, upload, and create music mixes like a DJ
• Convert music, photos, and DVDs to play on your iPod® and other mobile devices
• Quick photo and video upload to My Nero, YouTube™, and MySpace
• Watch, record, pause, and customize your live TV experience
• Play AVCHD and other HD formats

Changelog for Nero

[B]Changes from v9.2.6.0 -> v9.4.13.2[/B]

[li][B]InCD ([/B][/li][li]InCD features operate with Administrator logon rights only.[/li][li]InCD 5.5 is able to write onto DVD-RW formatted by itself.[/li][li][B]Nero Burning ROM ([/B][/li][li]The error message: “could not get ClassID” is no longer displayed after launching Nero Burning ROM.[/li][li]“Continue multisession” projects are displayed in the correct size.[/li][li]Volume is correct when using the “Save Tracks” option (MP3 only).[/li][li][B]Nero CoverDesigner ([/B][/li][li]Nero CoverDesigner startup icon is available in both Nero Burning ROM and Nero Express.[/li][li]Nero CoverDesigner can be started after updating Nero 9.[/li][li]Nero CoverDesigner can be started through Nero Vision.[/li][li]Printer paper size options are displayed in Nero CoverDesigner.[/li][li][B]Nero Live ([/B][/li][li]Nero Live starts as expected.[/li][li]Live TV starts as expected.[/li][li]Intermittent problems with receiving some TV signals is eliminated.[/li][li][B]Nero Recode ([/B][/li][li]The option “Shutdown down computer when finished” works correctly.[/li][li]*.TS files can be opened.[/li][li]The error message “Out of memory” is no longer displayed during the burn process.[/li][li]The error message “DirectShow error” is no longer displayed when encoding to an iPod® format.[/li][li][B]Nero ShowTime ([/B][/li][li]The error message : “Unable to send message to parent Window” is no longer displayed during play back.[/li][li][B]Nero StartSmart ([/B][/li][li]Volume plays as expected when using the “Save Tracks” option (MP3 only).[/li][li][B]Nero Vision ([/B][/li][li][B]New Features:[/B][/li][li]Import your PowerPoint® presentations and convert to DVD-Video or BD for TV playback (requires installed Microsoft Office PowerPoint® 2003 or 2007)[/li][li]Archive HD movies in highest quality AVCHD format to HDD including USB stick and flash memory card, SD Card and Memory Stick™, even without the use of an optical recorder[/li][li][B]Changes/Bugfixes:[/B][/li][li]After exporting files from Nero Vision, it is possible to return to the original file.[/li][li]Text effects in Nero Vision work properly after using the “static” effect.[/li][li]Support for .m2v files added to Nero Vision.[/li][li]Nero Vision supports previous version project files.[/li][li].wmf files are displayed correctly in preview window.[/li][li]Nero Vision no longer prompts for DTS Plug-in when adding *.m2ts file with both Dolby and DTS audio tracks.[/li][li]All *.mov files play back with audio in the preview screen.[/li][li]The text effect “Space Scroller” no longer inserts white squares when line breaks are in the text.[/li][li]Temporary files are removed automatically after burning to disc or to Image Recorder.[/li][li]Smart3D menus play back correctly on DVD+VR.[/li][li]Eliminated “runtime error” when burning large AVCHD projects.[/li][li][B]Nero Webinstaller ([/B][/li][li]AskToolbar is only installed, when selected for installation.[/li][/ul]


It would be nice if I could test this out on my Windows 7 box, but the trial doesn’t let you test the two things that every version of Nero I’ve tried fails to do on Win 7: Use Recode to burn a DVD, and use Vision to create a Video DVD from an AVI file. It’s frustrating, because I’m moving to 7 and all Nero lets me do in 7 is plain vanilla data and audio discs…two chores for which there are dozens of free alternatives (in addition to Windows built in tools).

9.4 also fixes Nero WAV Editor, which freaked out when you tried to use it. I’m not sure if 9.4 also restores the ability to burn flac files to CD audio, since I (like everyone else who was angry to discover that 9.0 broke that ability) resorted to a custom .dll file to restore that ability months ago. But there’s a good chance 9.4 fixes that, since Nero said several months ago they knew flac writing was broken in 9.0, and said they knew what was needed to fix it.

Remember that just as with Nero 9.0, 9.4 requires all protection to be turned off for it to finish installing (not just virus protection, everything, or it will stay at 99% forever!), and the installation takes about two hours.