Nero 9.0.94 d Released

No changelog as of yet.:frowning:

I believe this is their 4th upgrade in just a few months. I hope this means they acknowledge problems and are diligently working to fix them. On the other hand, it also could indicate they didn’t adequately test their previous releases (or, maybe it’s both).

I removed V c and used the clean tool and am using the new one. It seems fine so far, all I have tested is Recode, Burning ROM, Showtime, DiscSpeed 5. I will let you know if I have any problems.:slight_smile:

9.0.94 d :

Under Vista 32 Wave Editor will not run a “Wave Editor has stopped working” dialog box appears. Running Wave Editor as an administer enables it to work. Same error as 9.0.94 c

Auto play for media associated with Nero are mangled. e.g. “ERROR: UNKNOWN RESOURCE ID using Nero ShowTime” entries. Same error as 9.0.94 c

“Windows Installer has stopped working” errors have now been resolved

In v9.0.9.4d the bug “Windows Installer has stopped working” has been fixed

the waveeditor problem is caused by the logitech setpoint software afaik.
disable the logitech crap and waveeditor will be started without any problems :iagree:

You can also have Nero 8 and Nero 9 installed at the same time to compare the two.
Support News 2008

[B]Can I test the new trial versions without losing my existing copy of Nero? [/B]


Yes, all our new products

[li]Nero 9[/li][li]Nero Move it[/li][li]Nero BackItUp 4[/li][li]Nero MediaHome 4[/li][/ul]can be installed side by side with previous Nero suites such as Nero 8 or Nero 7.