Nero 8



I upgraded from nero 7 to nero 8 and would like to know how to make a menue using solid color for background. It was easy with 7 but I am missing something with 8. Thank you


The BEST thing to do is fool around with nero. Yes, it is different then 7, but how did you figure it out in 7?

So here’s the simple way:
1.Open Nero Vision
2. Get to the Edit Menu screen
3. At the top right is 2 tabs. Templates and Customize. Click on customize
4. Make sure that your attention is on the background of the template by clicking on the background. (You’ll notice the customize area will now say Properties: Background)
5. Select the drop down list that says background and displays the path of the picture being used.
6. Select Color and set it to a color you like.

Tip: Right below the customize tab is an option to enable Advanced Editing. I recommend enabling this as it gives you a ton of more features.