Nero 8



I was at my local Staples today and noticed the Nero 7 Ultra’s on sale in the close-out bin for $30.00. I asked the manager, who is a friend of mine, about this and he said that Nero 8 was coming out soon and they were getting rid of old stock.
Anyone else know anything about this? Is he mistaken?


Who knows? Marketing is always faster than programmers. :wink:



Nero 8, they haven’t even finished perfecting the bugs in Nero 7 yet dude …


And that will stop them because…<g>

I have noticed that updates for v6 are no longer available, screen shows “No content due to Status = Alias”.

[edit] v6 updates are there. URL has changed.


I thought that the bugs were perfected in Nero, and they have been fighting the bugs ever since! :doh:

For Nero 8 they will have to create an enormous amount of new and even more perfect bugs, so that may take a while… :wink:

(Yes, I’m still running Nero 6.6).


Running v6 here too.

Maybe even number versions are release versions, and odd numbers are beta?


What nero 8? :eek:
That would be very fast.


Has any one also checked the Staples to verify this?. Is really Nero 7 goes for $30 at Staples?, this would be best deal possible.


There were two of them in the clearance basket here in Helena, MT


I have checked with Staples and was told there is no such thing as $30 price tag for Nero7 either as sales item nor clearance. I also talked to Nero rep in US and he confirmed there is no what so ever any plan for Nero8 even by the end of this year or early next year. according to him Nero still have long way to go for enhancement of Nero7.


They must have screwed up here in the wilderness on Montana. The price was accurate as to what they were selling Nero 7 for but Bob’s info must have been faulty. I didn’t think that Nero would bring out another newer, bugger version this quickly.


Christ NERO 7 barely just came out - and it SUCKS IMO - who in their right mind would want to buy a piece of bloatware…? NERO 8 ? You got to be kidding me…as it is NERO 7 did not deliver on a LOT of promises, you are forced to download the entire bloody software to update 20K of code (bloody ridiculous) and they haven’t sorted that out yet, and they want people to buy 8 ? LOL

There are still MANY unresolved issues in 7 so much that I am back to 6 and I certainly am not purchasing version 8 not even if they gave it to me for $1.50 :smiley:


You got to be kidding not even for $1,50? come on.


I have ‘complementary’ copies of v7 (cough, cough) and still use my kosher v6.


Believe it or not…Fry’s has a special on Nero 7 this week…through 5/30.

$39 with a $20 mail in rebate. You get Nero 7 Ultra for $19.99 after rebate…there must be some promotion going on to get more people to adopt Nero 7.



It’s such a piece of crap they’d do a better job with a red hot poker and mains voltage electricity (preferably of the UK 230 volt type)!


You know for every expensive software out there, there is a cheap or FREE alternative if you look on the internet.

Sorry but I was a tester for NERO Burning Crap 7, and I probably was the first to notice the audio skipping bug, I have personally reported and documented 6 major bugs including the audio thing and nothing was done about it, they didn’t KNOW what to do I guess - They PROMISED that you would only have to download small updates rather than having to download the ENTIRE bloody software over 100MB for a few fixed that could have been patched with 12k code. Imagine if Microsoft forced you to download the entire OS everytime it had an update out, you’d probably have gone mad by now :smiley:

NERO has lost my respect in that matter, I’m sure many people feel this way. NERO has gone from being a decent piece of software to a bloated piece of CRAP, and if you honestly think that I will purchase NERO 8 you got to be kidding me :smiley:
I will spend my hard earned money on software companies that deserve to be encouraged. I am sorry to say NERO is not one of them… :smiley:


LOL - Can I kindly suggest what you can do with your V7 copies without you getting upset ? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


uhhhh oh great, first we deal with skipping audio and now with skipping current. No thanks :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Since you have lost or have no respect for large international software companies, e.g. Microsoft and Nero (I am surprised then how Nero selected you as tester when you hate them) then could you name some of those software companies that you have trust on them and respect them?.