Nero 8/WMP11 audio cd burning issue I can't solve

Hi guys,

I’m new to the forum and I found nothing related to my following issue on the forum or online. I’m a regular on the forums and asked there months ago.

I have 2 Lite-On 20A1S DVDRW drives on my comp here, and I don’t know if the issue is software or hardware. In addition, I am running Vista Ultimate 32bit. Everytime I try to burn an audio CD on Nero 7 or 8 or WMP11, I always get a disc read error when I pop the CD in to my car (2003 Accord Coupe w/ stock 6 CD changer). I know its not my car CD player; old CDs do not give me any problems which I burned on my old comp, nor do original CDs screw up. The CD does play after going skipping tracks back and forth lots of times and it reads track 1-99, but actually the CD might have only 20 tracks. It will catch on maybe after 3 or 4 minutes. In addition, the crossfading no longer wants to work properly on Nero 7 or 8 even after applying the patch that had the issue with Aero keeping it from successfully crossfading. WMP11 cannot crossfade on Audio CDs, but when I record with it behaves the same way as a CD burned in Nero. My friend attempted to read the CD on his Macbook Pro with no luck, but it plays on my PC fine always except crossfading does not work.

Can anyone help me? It really sucks because it is such a hassle to get audio CDs to play in my car. I have been unable to test it on a regular stereo as I don’t have anything else but a PS3 in my house and it doesn’t read burned CDs.

wow 40 views and no reply? am I that much a jerk? hahaha

tried Ashampoo and its the same issue.


this should solve my problem thanks!